Monday, 25 February 2013

How to make money online

There are several ways to make money online.However you need, good internet service, online presence such as a website or email address, ability to receive online payments and something to offer, could be a product or a service.

1. Selling online - Set up a website that promotes the sales of your goods. Publish the items on the website with a detailed description of the product and include the photos of such items. Online shoppers will visit your website select the goods the are interested in and pay via credit card and the good will be shipped to them on the physical address they provide. For example is a website that specializes in selling used cars. other items that can be sold online include eBooks,videos, mp3 and many more.

2.Writing - You can write article for various websites for example You will receive payment once your articles are approved by the person who requested the article. you are paid per article. Each article has a price set for it. this is a performance based reward, whereby the more articles you write, the more money you make. payment is usually via paypal among other online payment options

3. Foreign exchange trading also know as Forex trading - this is another fantastic way of how to make money online, it involves trading of currencies form different parts of the world with each other with a view of making profit. Forex trading is conducted via a broker, where by you deposit money and your broker passes the cash to the partner in the interbank transaction.

4. Affiliate Marketing - in this kind of marketing you are rewarded by the number of clients or customers brought as a result of your effort. In layman terms its making money for selling another company's services or product. For you to be successful with this model you will need high web traffic via social sites or search engines. An example in this category is amazon and clickbank.

5. Content Publishing - if you have an existing website. you can make money online by allowing advertisers to place their adverts on your website, such adverts include, picture with descriptions as well as hyperlinks. This is a cool way for website owners to make extra money. A good example in this category is yahoo place many adverts on its website, the users of see the adverts while they visit while checking emails or checking out other yahoo services.

6. Video Publishing - if you create high quality videos and upload on you get paid if your video is accessed by a large number of people. you just need to sign up with your free you tube account. The more visits you video gets the more money you make online passively. Videos with high quality and humor will attract many viewers

7. Freelancing - this is a unique way of offering various services online, such services include, webdesign, logo design, multi media, seo services and so on. its a good idea to create your own website to offer the freelance services.

On our next articles we will tackle this money making methods one by one so that you could have a more better insight on how lucrative making money online is.


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