Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Many Uses and Applications of Solar Energy

Solar energy is what you see every single day in your waking life. It is what wakes you up from your sleep. It is what reminds you that you are already late for work and it is time for you to get up to rush to the office. The sun, ever omnipresent and omnipotent, definitely has a significant role in our lives. Thus, when we speak of environmental conservatism, we need to put in our best efforts in preserving our environment by using one of its energy sources, the sun or solar power, in our daily lives.
There are infinitely many uses and applications of this energy coming from the sun in our everyday lives. If you have outdoor patios or backyard pools and you want the water flowing in as warm as possible, you need not invest on a separate water pool heater for this. All you need is the sun in its bold and powerful glory to warm the outdoor waters up for you. You can also invest on a solar pool water heater if you feel like you still need a system that will continuously warm up the pool water in your backyard. These kinds of systems are cost-efficient, and can be used without delays or interruptions for years. The same way you want warm water to use running down from your water pipes, you can also invest on an in-house water heating unit that runs on solar power. 

When drying clothes after it has been washed, have the sun dry it up for you instead of immediately throwing your damp clothes in the dryer. If you wash and dry your clothes at least thrice in a week, you will inevitably spend a lot on your electricity consumption. While driers are best to use when you wash clothes during the night, if you are doing your chores during the mornings or the afternoons, it is best that you let the sun do the drying for you so you get to save your financial resources for other important things you need to spend on.

If you need a steady source of heat in your house such an insulator, have a part of your roofing covered with a sunroof instead of having full cemented roofs or plywood as your ceiling. With a sun roof, whether in your kitchen, a small segment in your living room or in your attic, can definitely help gather as much solar energy in and keep your house warm for comfortable days ahead. Sun roofs are not only for cars. These can also be used in residential settings as a form of insulation.

If you want to go all out in terms of your practical household spending concerning your electricity needs, invest on a solar panel system that takes advantage of solar power. Today, with government rebates and decreased taxes for residences that utilise solar panels, investing on this energy source alternative is popular more than ever. Start with small solar panels or invest all out in a system that can do a lot of benefits for your household. By utilising solar energy, you can see what smart and clean living really is all about.


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