Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Purpose of Deadlocks for Home Security

Home security will always be a big issue and necessity for households around the world. When it comes to keeping a peaceful and a safe home, having deadlocks installed on your doors can have a beneficial impact to your security inside your house. 
This kind of door security feature should not be used as the main lock, but rather as an extra lock or an added door lock to your entrance door and other access points in your home. For instance, you find yourself living in an apartment. Definitely, a door with just one lock is not enough as most doors in apartments are thinner than those that are usually used in residential homes. If you want that extra layer of security to your doors in your apartment, install deadlocks that you need to lock and unlock whenever you are inside or outside your home.

The locking mechanism to this kind of lock is 2-way. Whenever you leave your home, you need to lock the dead lock on the outside. Conversely, if you retire from the day and stay inside your home to have a restful sleep, you need to lock your dead lock from the inside. As a tip, do not attach the key to your dead lock to the hole even if you are already inside your apartment. Think of this scenario. Burglars are already inside your apartment and just took everything they can with them without your knowledge. They have a box filled with your valuables and your assets that they want to take with them, but they need to leave your premises by stepping out of your door. 

Good thing though that you have a dead lock on your door and they are now panicking as to how to leave your premises by your front door without waking you up, but they cannot because they are having a hard time figuring out what to do with your installed and locked dead lock. Count your lucky stars and consider yourself fortunate for investing on this particular security feature for your apartment. With this kind of lock in place, you definitely will have ample time to call in the cops and capture these bandits from taking your hard-earned valuables with them. 

Do not take this kind of security feature for granted as it cannot only keep your home safe from illegal entrants and burglars; it can also  be a feature in your home that can keep certain rooms inaccessible to kids who need your guidance at all times. For instance you have a swimming pool area and you need to be there whenever your kids use it. You can use a dead lock on the door that leads to the swimming pool so your kids will not access the said area without your consent and permission. 

Use this kind of lock too in securing your garage doors from the inside as garage doors are also possible entries to your premises aside from your front door. Back doors and garage doors, like front doors, must be beefed up with the right set and amount of locks so your premises remain inaccessible to those who illegally want entry. Have your locksmith install your deadlocks and know that you can rest well and soundly at all times.


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